Quick Update: Terrible Pain

Nearly two weeks ago, a tooth of mine chipped. This tooth caused me so much pain that I was constantly taking tylenol to cope with it. However, last Tuesday, I ate something that really irritated the tooth and gum; which caused a major infection in my mouth.

On my way home from work on Tuesday, I made an emergency appointment with my dentist. At his office, he told me that the infection had gone into my guns and he had no choice but to extract the tooth. 3 painful hours later, he had my tooth out and sent me home with antibiotics and pain meds (Tylenol 3s).

Since then, the pain has gotten worst and my antibiotic dosage and pain medicine dosage has been increased. I haven’t been able to return to work since then, let alone do anything else. The medicine I am on knocks me out and causes terrible nausea and dizziness. My husband has had to stay home with Ni all weekend because I have no one else to care for her.

I’m returning to my dentist tomorrow morning for another check up and refill of pain meds. Please excuse me if I am MIA for a couple of days. I have some posts lined up to go out per schedule, but will not be writing anything new until I am feeling fully recovered.


Recipe of the Week: Spiced, Pan-Fried Tilapia

I’m not a fish lover. Matter-of-fact, I rarely ever eat fish. Matter-of-fact, I only actually started eating fish a couple of years ago, after meeting Dev. Dev’s culture loves fish. After all, he’s from the west-coast of India and fish is considered an every-day part of life; whereas, in Delhi, it’s more of a delicacy.

In my family, we rarely make fish or shrimp and forget about any other types of seafood. But on my trip to Goa, India back in 2012, Dev forced me into trying “rava-fried fish”. It was terrible. Semolina (rava)-coated fish completely disrupted my taste buds. However, Dev loved it and still does. And when you’re married to man that loves fish, you learn to somewhat like it too. You just have to get the right recipe and fish to actually consider it edible.

I’ve tried salmon and it’s horrid. I don’t mind tune, but only in my sandwich or casserole. And most recently, I tried tilapia. The tilapia was quite mild and didn’t have an odor to it. Plus, it defrosted and cooked quickly; which was a plus, plus for me! And the best thing, my apartment didn’t stink of fried fish for hours after the fact. Here’s my rava-pan-friend tilapia recipe. It’s quick and easy and absolutely delicious!

Here’s what you need:

  • 1 tsp. curry powder
  • 1 tsp. ginger powder or ginger paste
  • 1 tsp. salt
  • 1 tsp. paprika
  • 1 tsp. garam masala
  • 1 tsp. coriander powder
  • 1 tsp. turmeric powder
  • 1 cup rava (semolina)
  • 1 tsp. lemon juice
  • Vegetable oil to pan-fry
  • 4-6 slices of Tilapia

Here’s what you do:

Wash tilapia with lemon juice and water. In a plastic container, add spices and ginger paste. Mix well, coat each slice of tilapia with marinade. Cover and place in fridge for 1 hour. When ready to cook, heat oil and place pieces of fish without layering them. Cook until golden brown and crisp.

Serve with onion slices and a slice of lemon!

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Mom-In-Training: Planning The 2nd Birthday Party

Can you believe it? Ni will be celebrating her 2 year birthday in just over a month! Sometimes I can’t even believe I have a baby, let alone her already being 2 years old. Where has the time gone? It amazes me how quickly time flies and how quickly she is growing older. Every day she learns something new and every day she amazes me with her wisdom and smarts. And to celebrate her little self, I am preparing and planning her upcoming second year of life.

Last year, we did a peacock  theme. The house looked amazing and my 6 hours of non-stop decorating was a major hit. There were tons of desserts and so much food, I would’ve fed half my apartment building.

Ni's 1st Birthday Party
Ni’s 1st Birthday Party

The cake was a 2-tier, chocolate and butter-cream cake with a gigantic peacock on the top.

Ni's 1st Birthday Cake
Ni’s 1st Birthday Cake

She wore a gorgeous blue and green tutu with a royal blue romper underneath and a stunning head-piece.

Ni's 1st Birthday
Ni’s 1st Birthday

Everyone, including my little Ni really enjoyed the party or so I was told they did.

This year, I’m planning a different theme. I don’t want to get her into Disney or “princess” themes just yet because those can be extremely expensive in the long-run. However, I would like to do a whimsical, fairy or angel theme. Dev says, she’s too young for stuff like that. I know she probably is, but she’s a Halloween child and every year its going to get harder and harder coming up themes on our own. Plus, trying to impress the little darling now is easy; everything is “oh wow! Nice! Pretty!” When she’s older its going to be much harder.

I figure, we do a soft-pink and gold theme this year. Lots of balloons all over the place with fairy-dust aka glitter and beautiful candles. All the bling you can think of but with a pinch of class.

I’ll start sharing more of my ideas with all of you as I come up with them. This year, we’re doing lots of crafty decorations and birthday favors aren’t going to be your normal cookies either! No way. This year, I’m doing candy. Home-made fairy candy (I just need to figure out how I’m going to make that). Stay tuned for my crafty-fairy ideas!

Home Sweet Home: 5 Decorating Ideas Under $100

A couple of months ago, I posted about my cleaning schedule and being on top of “seasonal cleaning”. If you’ve kept to a schedule, then seasonal cleaning should be easy. The fun part of seasonal cleaning is that post-cleaning decorating.

After the home is all nice and clean, it’s time to reorganize your accessories and switch out the previous season and refresh the home with a new seasonal theme. Switch out the curtains, the picture frames, the cushions, candles, mats and mini accessories.

For under $100 I’m going to walk you through redecorating the season. In this case, Fall and Winter. We’re hitting up the dollar store, Walmart, Target and some local stores here in Toronto for cheap finds and gorgeous accessories. Dare to take this challenge with me? Lets go! (Sorry, I didn’t get time to take photos, will include them over the weekend)

  1. Change up those picture frames  and switch the photos in them, or get really creative and redo a wall by adding a bunch of different size pictures and frames to make a massive piece of family photo art on your entrance wall. You can find cool frames in all sorts of colors and shapes at the dollar store for under $3 each and Walmart also has an amazing collection of sizes, shapes and colors. My entrance way has a nice console table, but the wall is bare. So, over the past couple of weeks, I’ve hunted through a couple of different dollar stores for per-framed art/photos, different sized frames and have put them up to make a massive collage of my family and friends.
  2. Summer is over (sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s true), so switch up your curtains with some beautiful warm colored ones to give your home a nice cozy feel. Walmart and Target have a great selection of gorgeous colors for a great price. Because I have a little munchkin who loves to put her dirty hands on anything light-colored, I opted for dark purple ones that contrast amazingly with my blue carpet. I’ve also redone my curtain rode by moving it up very close to the ceiling – lots of interior designers say that by moving the rods higher to the ceiling, you give the illusion of taller walls. It definitely worked!
  3. Painting an entire room isn’t always feasible (especially with little munchkins). But an accent wall is a cheap, easy and quick way to make a huge impact. Pick a color that compliments the rest of your accessories and opt for one shade brighter. Unfortunately, I have decided not to paint because we might be moving within the next 6-months or so and D just doesn’t want me “wasting” money right now, when I’ll probably want to paint the new apartment anyway. If painting is not an option for you either for whatever reason, you can wallpaper your wall or as I read on Pinterest recently, use fabric to decorate. Here’s the pin for more details.
  4. Update mats, curtains and towels in your kitchen and bathroom. You can find great stuff at Walmart and Target. But if you’re really looking to budget yourself, then try driving around and look for those one-off home accessories stores. You’ll find great mats and curtains at a reasonably cheap price compared to the big brand stores. I chose dark purple mats for my bathroom and contrasting purple and beige ones for my kitchen. They look fantastic and really give the place a cozy feel.
  5. Adding accessories. Accessories can be ex-pen-sive! But if you’re smart about it,  you can find some really great stuff at the dollar store to craft or at the local Value Village (GoodWill) shop. I opted to purchase some mini-plant holders from the dollar store. I added some fake mini flowers to the pot and stuck a big candle in the middle and place 3 of them on my dining table.

My total seasonal re-decorating cost me $97.60, leaving me enough for a coffee! That’s a hundred dollars well-spent, especially when you have friends or family over and they’re amazed when you tell them about your cheap finds and how you put on the creative hat and wow-ed up your place on tight budget.


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