Tis the season…

“Tis the season to be sassy! Whether you are celebrating a traditional family holiday or entertaining friends for a festive cocktail party, you can use decorations to transform your home into a winter wonderland! This year the holidays are all about colors and themes! Traditional trends never run dry, but why not give traditional a little twist!

First things first, pick the rooms you want to decorate, how you want to decorate and most importantly have a budget. Otherwise, if you’re anything like me, you’ll go into Home Sense or Ikea and spend over $300 and not have much left for gift giving. Vie told me from the start, I am not allowed to spend as much as I did last year (close to $350) on “Holiday” decorations.

To cut costs I’ve come up with some great homemade inexpensive ideas using existing things in my house. I had a bunch of vanilla scented white round candles. So to add some festive flair I went to the great old Dollar store and purchased silver and red candle holders and mini wreaths to place the candle holder in. 

My living room was a trickier task to tackle. The black, white and beige hardly had the makings of a winter Wonderland. But I’ve taken down my beige curtains and replaced them with sheer red curtains. Cost? $9.99 The look? Vibrant! I’ve also bought some new sheer red cushion covers and thrown them around the room.

My Christmas tree is a simple green tree but to match my theme I’ve sprayed it white with fake snow and decorated it with red and silver lights and ornaments.

I turned my living room into a winter wonderland. I purchased cheap plastic white and silver glittery snowflakes and hung 50 of them all over my living room ceiling.  

Ah, the Christmas table! How fun to have a round glass table to work with. I’m not the one to use table clothes so I’ve used ribbon instead. A simple wide red ribbon placed across my untraditional white table and then sprinkled with silver holiday confetti. This year my table has silver medium-sized platters with a red plastic plate in the middle. A vibrant red bowl, silver platter for the turkey and silver glass ornaments. I even dressed up my champagne bottle in a santa suite. My last holiday tip: create a natural home fragrance by placing a few orange slices, some cloves and a cinnamon stick into a saucepan with some water and let it simmer on the stove for 15 minutes before company arrives.

My total holiday theme has cost $100.00 (after I returned the $300 worth of beautiful but unnecessary stuff and reused last years silver ornaments).

Happy Holidays and don’t spend too much on decorating, you really just need $100 or less and you’re set to be sassy! And remember: the Dollar store is your friend! You can find some great cheap items and no one will ever know where their from!

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