Horrible Service & Food

Restaurant: Golden Griddle
Location: 10 Milner Business Court, Scarborough, ON M1B 3C6
Rating: 😦

I woke up really late on Saturday afternoon with a craving for scrambled eggs, pancakes, home fries and toast with a really big cup of coffee. Vie had just finished his class and was on his way to pick me up.

Now, normally, we would head over to my favorite 24/7 breakfast place, however as of late seems the chef isn’t giving his 100% and the result is in the over cooked eggs and under cooked home fries. So, Vie and I have decided to not go there for a few weeks and give him some time.

We decided to head over to the Golden Griddle restaurant instead. The last time we were there, their breakfast buffet was excellent. This time however, we arrived just past 2pm and the buffet was already closed. We were forced to order from the menu; which normally I wouldn’t mind, except their menu was way over priced. But Vie and I had already ordered our coffee and did not want to be rude by getting up and going somewhere else.

I ordered my usual, steak and eggs with home fries and white toast. Vie ordered eggs with pancakes. We planned on sharing the home fries and pancakes. While waiting for the food, the host decided to speak in Tamil to another Tamil speaking waitress, loud enough for us to hear. (We were the only customers now in the restaurant) The host and waitress continued talking, not caring or noticing that our eyes were on them. Another customer walked in and was waiting at the front desk. But the two employees continued their conversation giving very little notice to us or the other customer, who had now been standing at the entrance for nearly 5 minutes.

Finally, the host noticed the other customer. While walking over to him, he said loudly, “yeah, hey you are here for the pick up?” The customer nodded. “Two minutes, wait, ok?” said the host. The customer didn’t seem too impressed. Neither was I. This host was the least professional. He didn’t acknowledge the customer in a timely manner, he didn’t care that he was speaking in a foreign tongue in front of his customers and he spoke to us and the other customer as if we were his friends and not paying customers. There was no please, no thank you, no hello, no welcome, no acknowledgement at all that he was pleased to have us visit his restaurant.

To make the situation worst, when our food arrived, it wasn’t hot. It was warm. Vie doesn’t like me making a fuss, but my eggs were warm, almost cold. I’m sure the chef made my eggs first and then decided to put my steak on the grill. Speaking of my steak, I was asked how I wanted it cooked. I said “well-done”. It was over cooked. Not burnt but extremely dry. It lacked flavor, so I asked the waitress if I could have some steak sauce. She said sure and walked to the bar area looking for the sauce. Vie laughed and said, I bet you she hasn’t a clue what steak sauce is. I wanted to give the lady the benefit of the doubt. Sadly, Vie was right. A few minutes after searching for it, she went into the kitchen to ask the host. He came out, with his mouth full of food and said looking towards me “steak sauce? yeah, ok, one sec.” That was disgusting.

I was now completely turned off this restaurant. We quickly finished our food, paid the bill and got out of there. Too bad there wasn’t a suggestion box or form. I would’ve definitely left a few suggestions.

Now, my comments do not say that all Golden Griddle restaurants are this bad. But as far as I’m concerned, this experience has definitely left me questioning whether I’d ever return to the franchise or not.


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