I hate people who exceed the expectations they have of someone. I hate people who always seem to take out their reactions on one specific person. And I hate being that person!

I work with someone who under normal circumstances is very friendly and sweet. But if something doesn’t go her way, she automatically gets angry and the change in her mood and her reactions are extreme. But she’s not like this with everyone. Just me!

I know she has a lot of expectations from me and to my knowledge and her’s I exceed them. But if there’s ever a chance when something isn’t done exactly how she requests, all that knowledge goes down the drain, until she is back to normal again. During this time, she shuts me out, responds to me only if necessary and does not even smile. Although this shouldn’t bother me, it does.

You see, this person and I have a weird professional and personal relationship. She is in an authority role but we are also at work friends. I look to her for guidance and opinions and except for during her arrogance periods, she always delivers. But these arrogance periods…sigh! It can take her nearly a day to get back to normal. Due to the fact that I have to report directly to her, the day just slows down and comes to a halt until she is normal again.

Don’t get me wrong, my world doesn’t shut down or anything. I don’t get upset or stop working or retaliate her behaviour/mood. But it does affect me. Sadly, it affects me a lot. I wish it didn’t. I wish I just couldn’t give a damn. But I am a highly emotional person. And I do care. The sad thing is though, most of the time she’s oblivious to her mood/attitude changes and on how bitter she becomes. Of course, she doesn’t say anything bitter, but it’s in the tone of her voice and facial reactions that are piercing.


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