Wednesday and Thursday were such good days for eating and logging in what I had eaten. And then Thursday evening I went home, thinking I’ll log this evening’s consumption tomorrow (Friday) morning. Friday morning came and it was so hectic at work; that I didn’t get a moment to myself.

Friday evening Vie was waiting for me underneath my building when I got off work. He was hungry. Me too! I told him I had a craving for wedges. We went to Metro and picked up Nachos, Tex Mex cheese, salsa, potato wedges, and a baked chicken.

When we got home, the only thing I nibbled on were the wedges. Oh how potato does wonders to the body. Later that evening, I had some nachos with cheese and salsa.

Saturday was a little better. Vie got off school around 2pm. I had a late night and didn’t go to sleep until 5:30am, so, I woke up pretty late too. By the time he came over, I had brewed a pot of coffee and had eggs ready to cook. We ate two eggs each, his scrambled, mine sunny side up, two slices of whole-grain toast and coffee with a glass of water. Throughout the day we had light snacks, I think a cup of yogurt was one of them. Dinner was something both of us love, it’s very light but filling. I made two packs of Mr.Noodles with soup. Later that evening, I recall having an apple and then a coffee when we went out for our late night drive.

Sunday was not as bad as Friday but not as good as the rest of the week. I had my breakfast around 8am. Toast with cream cheese and later a smoothie. Actually I had my smoothie twice that morning. I was up so early that tummy was in starvation mode. But I made sure to portion it out. Lunch was a spicy beef patty in a coco-bun. Obviously, I was hungry pretty soon after the beef patty. I had the worst craving for a whopper! Sigh. I got sidetracked and told Vie that I really needed to have one.

He was hesitant. But I told him that I needed to cheat. I had been good for over a week now and if I didn’t cheat, I’d probably fall off. Thinking back to that conversation, I believe I was trying to convince myself more so than him. But he said, “Ok, as long as you know that on Monday you have to get back on.” I said, “Yup, I do and don’t worry; I’m more serious about this than it may seem.” He nodded, gave me a smile and drove us to Burger King.

Now, normally, I would order the Whopper combo. (Fries and a medium coke) And normally, I’d finish everything. But this time, I only got the Whopper. I knew I was cheating, I just didn’t want to fully give in. 🙂 Oh boy did that Whopper taste ever so good. But today’s Monday and I am back on track.

I need to work on my weekend consumption. It’s so easy to get sidetracked because I have no routine on the weekends. I sleep late on Friday and Saturday night to compensate for sleeping early and waking up really early during the week; which causes me to wake up late on the weekends. I eat when Vie comes over instead of sticking to my normal routine of having breakfast soon after I wake up. This really needs to change.

This weekend I think I’m going to try to work on a routine with my eating habits and maybe start an exercise routine.

In general, I want to start exercising during the week as well. But the morning workout has me really turned off. I read somewhere that you can do 10 minutes of stretches in the morning and in the evening do a 20-30 minute workout. Maybe, I’m going to try this, starting tomorrow. 

I’ll keep you posted on how that works out! Here is today’s daily consumption. 🙂 

Day 5

Breakfast: 2 glasses of water mixed with crystal lite
2 slices whole-grain toast with cream cheese
Coffee with 2 milk and 2 sugars
Mid-Morning: Vanilla yogurt with All-bran Buds
Coffee with milk and brown sugar

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