Tsk. Tsk.

Daily Food Journal!

Oh my, looking at my blog  this morning makes me realize that I have not kept my journal up-to-date in the past week or so. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not following my routine. I have my morning breakfast, my portioned out meals and snacks, no salt and no pop. Except, on the weekends its harder to follow my routine.

You see with Vie it is very easy to get caught up with other things and not realizing where the time went. We like watching TV Series. Recently, we finished watching Criminal Minds. Well, not exactly finished. But we started from Season 1, Episode 1 and worked our way all the way until the current Season. Now, when the website we watch on gets updated with the latest Episode, we watch it! But since Criminal Minds is only on once a week, we’ve started watching Bones, from Season 1, that is!

I used to be into those sappy lovey-dovey types of shows. But I don’t know what changed me. Now I love watching anything that has to do with criminal investigation, reason and cause. Forensic type of stuff. Mind you, some of the scenes are a little too graphic for me but still, the storyline to many of these shows has got me coming back for more.

Anyway, back to my food journal.

I’m not going to be writing it any more. I’ve decided that if I am going to be “good” and follow my routine, then I cannot write about it. Writing about it or at least keeping a log about it makes it a chore and I hate chores!

So, I’m eliminating the Daily Food Journal category from my blog.

Hey! Don’t judge me! I am a new blogger and I’m allowed to flip and fold when I see that something isn’t working for me.

Up to this point though, I haven’t found my calling, yet. What I mean is, I haven’t found that ONE thing that interests me so much that it’s all I write about. You know, before I started this blog, I actually Googled: How to be a blogger. LOL. Stop laughing. I’m not a dork. I just didn’t know what it took to be a blogger. But the funny thing is that many of those websites, blogs and forums all said the same thing: Look for a specific topic that interests you.

I haven’t found that topic and quite frankly, I doubt I will. I just like to write. I like doing research too but only when I feel like it. Not when I’m required to. So, to sum up this post, lets just say you’re stuck with me babbling about whatever comes to mind!


p.s. I’ve moved all the Daily Food Journal posts into Everything Else.


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