Inconsistencies are ridiculous. They annoy me!

I am the type of person that appreciates routines and processes. But now, all around me there are many inconsistencies and this is frustrating me. I cannot stop this. I cannot retaliate. I cannot even express my frustration. I feel bound. This is a horrible feeling.

Where we work. Where we live. People we associate with. Every where and every thing at one point or another is inconsistent. But how can we adapt to all these inconsistencies? How do we just say ok and move on?

Currently, I am facing inconsistencies with my employer and with a family member. Both of which are out of my control. The company is making “adjustments”. People are moving out and about. I am not! I am staying put. I do like my employer and am happy to be working here. However, it just seems like lately, everyone is beating around the bush. No one wants to make firm decisions. No one wants to take a stand. This bothers me.

When I was hired, there was a consistency with the way things were done; with the way I was hired. Then  there was a consistent way of training me, of getting me set up, of making sure I was introduced to everyone and ready for my tasks. Now, nothing seems so routine.

The hiring process has changed. The training process has changed. The initial job offer process is changed. And not only that, but the process of which requests, complaints, and concepts has changed.

My family member:  she is consistent with her outbursts but not with her decisions. She calls my mother and complains about how miserable she feels and trapped she is. My mother is saddened by the situation and the lack of being able to help her. My mother hangs up the phone, calls me, cries to me that she is helpless. Then my family member calls my mom again and says that she is fine and not to worry. During her outbursts she tells my mother she cannot live where she lives anymore. During her “fine” times, she tells my mother she is happy. My family member is so confused and bases her decisions on her feelings. Not on the situation.

Things like this frustrate me. They are not in my control. I am stuck in between these changes feeling bound and unable.


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