Marca College

I finally got my hair done last night. Nearly 5 hours later and I have a few red peek-a-boo highlights and a burnt scalp.

I got to Marca College around 4:30p.m. and was asked to wait until 5p.m. to see the next student hairstylist. I agreed and waited my turn. The student stylist didn’t show up until 5:30p.m. From then on, it took about 2 1/2 hours to bleach/strip the black out of my hair where the peek-a-boos would be. In the midst of having the bleach applied to my hair, I realized that my scalp was tingling. I notified the stylist and she claimed that it’s supposed to do that.

Once the bleach was washed from my hair, she applied a “filler” to tone down the blonde at the roots of my hair where the bleach had over-worked. I mentioned to her again that the my scalp was itching. She again ignored my concern. Finally, when she applied the red color to my hair I notified her that my scalp was stinging. She said, “Oh” and completely disregarded it.

At the time, I didn’t think there was any damage to my scalp and assumed it was just a little irritated by the bleach, filler and color. This morning however, was a completely separate story. I was combing out the knots in my hair, getting ready to tie it up and take a shower when I realized that there were dark patches near my forehead on my scalp. At first I thought it might just be that the red color wasn’t washed out properly and stained my scalp. But when I got a closer look, I realized there were a bunch of scabs on my scalp similar to burn marks.

I am very upset and my scalp hurts. I just called Marca College and spoke to the receptionist who insisted I come in to show them my scalp. I’ve made an appointment for tomorrow.

Although, I love the hair color and style, the situation has left me wanting to never return to another hair styling school again. Fortunately, for me, I never signed a disclaimer or anything of the sort before getting the work done on my hair. So, Marca College is going to have to make it up to me in a big way for this trauma to my scalp.

But talking about Marca College, I must mention that my stylist was a really nice woman. However, her instructor was obnoxious and very unprofessional. She ran around the salon hugging and kissing the students on the foreheads and cheeks. She constantly touched and got very close to all the girls there and was very loud, enough to cause me and my stylist a major headache.

My overall experience with this place was terrible.

Result = 4 out of 5
Service = 1 out of 5
Overall experience = 2 out of 5
Will I return = NEVER (at least not to get my hair done)


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