White-wash in the TDot. 


Last night’s snow storm left a lucky winter-less Toronto in a rut. Vehicle crashes from one corner of the city to the next. Snow plow and salt trucks on overload. And traffic backed up for hours. My 15 minute drive home from work took me 45 minutes. Even then, I think I got home earlier then most other people. Vie’s parents were on their way home from mid-town and it took them nearly 3 and a ½ hours to get home. And through all of this, in my 45 minute drive, I did not see one police vehicle on the roads. Normally, during my 15 minute ride I see around 3 to 5 police cruisers. Where the hell were they last night? I guess, I’m just a little ticked off because it took me 45 minutes to get home last night and an hour and 10 minutes to get to work this morning. Maybe I’m just ticked off because the moron in front of my vehicle this morning decided to run a red light and nearly crashed into a 16 wheeler in front of him and almost caused the guy making a left to ram into the back bumper of his vehicle. Maybe I’m just ticked off because fines and costs of living in this city are going up more than most people can afford and earn. Or in actuality, I’m ticked off because the city I’ve called home and grown to love for the past 20 years is getting worst and worst as the days go by. 

Through all of this traffic and snow, the one thing that always seems to piss me off is that people think they are smarter than others. They think they are “road-warriors”. They think they “know” how to drive. And almost 95% of the time, those same road-warriors are the ones left in the ditches and rear-ending other drivers.

The way they drive their vehicles the way they do, makes me want to get a shot-gun and just kill them before they kill everyone else. I know I am being extremely harsh. But this is ridiculous. We were bumper-to-bumper last night. If some moron in front of me decided to act smart and speed up or cut off someone, he would’ve taken me, the guy in front of him, and the guys on each sides of him, with him. We would’ve all been screwed and the result would be more traffic jams, more bumper-to-bumpers and many hurt drivers just trying to get the hell home! Not only are they putting their own lives at risks but also all of those lives around them.

But the thing that really ticked me off last night was that throughout all of this there were no police cruisers on the the raods.  I mean come on! If you knew there was a snow storm on its way and you know how your cities drivers react during snow storms, would you be prepared with all your men and women on the roads, ready to take on the rush hour traffic and issues? Why were there only a limited amount of cruisers on the road when the city needs conduct? Toronto Police really needs to straighten out their act. They run around the city handing out tickets for stupid reasons throughout the week but when they should really have their asses on the road controlling traffic and moronic drivers, they are nowhere to be seen. I know there were many accidents and maybe, just maybe the police guys were at all these scenes trying to calm and control the situations. But if you know there is a storm on its way, why aren’t you

~Depressed about starting to hate T.O~ 




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