As you can see, I barely get any time to blog anymore. My life has become very busy over the past few weeks. Well, let me explain. My work life, this new career move is exhausting me and keeping me on my feet. I spent most of last week stressing and working on reports for our clients. By the end of the week, I got home and simply crashed. I was so exhausted, I slept through the night on Friday and woke up at 5pm on Saturday evening.

But I miss blogging. I miss writing about things that matter to me. This still-unofficial job promotion has kept me away from BuzzTalk. There are so many things I want to write about that have happened over the past few weeks. But it just seems like every time I have a moment to collect my thoughts and write them out, my exhaustion level gets the best of me.

Well, now that these reports are out-of-the-way for at least a few more weeks (yup, they’re monthly reports), I promise to spend more time writing.

Don’t forget to check back and I promise not to forget to keep writing.

~Exhausted – Serene~


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