Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips

I’ve spent the last few days thinking and wondering on how to make myself look more youthful. You see, I am a smoker, I am overweight and just starting to work on my diet. My skin is starting to look aged and dull. I want to bring the pop back into my skin; get that natural glow!

Most of this evening has been spent by me searching the internet for tips and secrets from around the world. I’ve found a few interesting tips. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to give credit to all the websites and authors as I’ve mainly been putting in my notes into WordPad. However, I will let you know none of these tips are mine and have been taken through various sources.

Most of you that are reading these tips will have probably have come across them through other searches. However, what you will find different here is that I’m going to give you in-depth details on how I used these items and what the results were.

As I keep my research going, I will add more notes. So, stay tuned!


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