Social Media

Evey where you turn, all the buzz around the world is about social media. Everyone is getting online. Everyone who’s anyone is online. From daily updates to current geographical locations; it’ online. Every thing can be found online. From shopping to who said what to who did or made or wore what; is online!

So why is our world and lives so dependent on what’s online? Why are we so reliant on good ‘old goggle and alike search engines? Why are these search engines becoming the “go-to” place for information?

It’s because our world is changing at a speed which we are not yet adapted to. It’s due to a changing economy and how our generation is communicating. It’s due to how “convenient” the world-wide web is.

But does this mean we are turning our future into a lazy one? Does it mean that people will eventually stop leaving their houses and just “e-shop”, “e-live”? Isn’t the convenience of the internet making us all a tad bit lazy?

Emails, letters, even phone calls are old news. If you want to talk to someone, you’ve got to be on Facebook or Twitter or My Space.

I work for an online recruiting giant and lately we’re seeing a decline our numbers. The LinkedIns and Facebooks are becoming the place for recruiters to post their jobs on. Although those aren’t free services, the reach is incredible on these sites.

Not only can you search for jobs on LinkedIn but you can also refer a friend and even send the posting to the friend.

Companies like mine are taking a major hit. We’re trying to keep up with the ever-changing Internet.

Then there’s the companies like Yellow Pages and WebLocal who are creating and implementing software to monitor what people are saying about them.

WebLocal has already created the “online reputation” solution for companies to be able to monitor and defend their reputation.

With the way world is turning, it is highly predicted that all companies will need to add a similar system to assure their survival. People will be looking online for answers on what a company is like and whether their friends have use the company and it’s products and services. If they have, their friends reviews will be a major reason when deciding to use the company or not. This will be come the relying point of a company’s survival.

The internet is becoming a world that will be a huge facet to our survival.


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