Pep Talk

Had an interesting meeting this morning with one of my bosses. He suggested that I go back to school part-time; maybe take some Business courses. He says that I am a “bright” person and he thinks I’ll do very well in our industry. But he would like to see me take more of a strategic role. He wants me to start thinking of ways to expand our business.

Interesting thought! I felt quite excited after our brief chat. While I was walking back to my desk, I kept thinking of what it would be like to go back to school, even if it was part-time. I felt enthusiastic about it.

He mentioned taking courses and then having a long-term goal of getting an Executive MBA. He also mentioned that the EMBA would cost nearly $89,000 CAD. Plus, $400-$1,000 per course that I took before enrolling into the EMBA program.

Reality hit me pretty-fast after the figures started circling my head. Where in the world would I get $89,000 to pay for my tuition, let alone $400-$1,000 per course? I can barely make ends meet now, how am I supposed to fund schooling?

Vie isn’t working. He’s trying to look for work. Sadly though, he hasn’t found anything yet. His EI ends pretty soon and then it will be my income we survive from.

But going back to school. Being one of those people who I sit and envy when they talk about going to this university and doing that course. Me being one of them? That would be something!

But the question remains, how would I fund it? 😦 Saddened am I.

My credit’s literally fucked. I have no relatives that would help. My parents won’t help. So, how do I do it? What do I tell my boss when he asks me again whether I’ve thought about it or not?



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