Okay, so it’s ridiculously boring at work right now. I mean, it’s really slow. I completed all of my daily work and then some. I’ve even researched on other companies and government listings. There is absolutely nothing to do and I’m going nuts. I can’t just sit around doing nothing for the next hour and a half. But what should I do?

I’ve asked my bosses for extra work and it doesn’t seem like anyone has anything for me to do so, I’m back on WP. The only problem with me being on WP is that I barely have anything to write about!

We’ll I was given a project earlier this morning that’s due next week but it’s such a tedious task! I have to collect information on about 60 client accounts and update it into a master spreadsheet. Then once I’m done collecting all this information for these “top-priority” clients, I have to collect the same information for the other 30 or so clients. Yay! Joy to my friggin world!

I know, I know! I asked for the extra work. But still. What a tedious, boring task.

Sigh! I’m going to get back to it. Might as well get ahead of myself and get it done before the deadline.

Ciao for now!


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