Okay, so, this is a topic all too familiar to me and my blog. Weight loss is the one thing that is always on my mind. I gained a lot of weight a few years back and the challenges of getting it off have haunted and tortured me ever since. I’ve done endless hours of research on the topic and tried my hardest to follow every diet out there. None of which have actually worked.

So, I got a cousin-in-law involved and she is setting up a daily food in-take routine for me. Yes, it’s another diet. Well, sort of. I’m not really “dieting” but I’m changing my eating habits. One of my biggest problems is that I have to finish everything on my plate, no matter the quantity. By changing my plate size, I’m going to try to trick myself into thinking that there is actually a lot of food on my plate, because the whole plate is covered.

My next change will be to have a salad or some “Negative Calorie” foods before every meal. This will help me feel a little full before I actually begin my main course; which will result in me eating fewer calories. Click here to read more on Negative Calorie Foods!

I am also increasing my cold water intake. The reason for this is that our body uses more calories to heat up cold water to digest, which results in more calories burnt. 🙂 I’m happy about that! But that’s not all. By drinking a glass of warm water with lemon first thing in the morning before brushing, your body will flush out a lot of the toxins and build up from the night before. This helps to jump-start your metabolism. I don’t know if it’s been scientifically proven or not, but I’ve seen results in family members that have adapted this simple routine every morning.

The next step to my weight-loss is doing a simple tummy exercise. Believe me this is not much of an exercise but will result in lost inches. Sitting upright either on the floor or on a chair with your back straight and arms on the side, suck your stomach in, hold for 10-15 seconds and release. Doing this while sitting at work or watching tv on a daily basis will result in much inches disappearing. I know this from first hand experience. When I stopped teaching dance and gained all this weight, I did this exercise to keep off some of the fat around my tummy and it worked!

Well, those are my changes. I’ll be starting them this weekend and I’ll let you know how they go! 🙂

Until then…<3

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