Love…Sajda…Tera Sajda

I wonder sometimes if fairy tale or Bollywood style love actually ever exists. You know that love that drives your world into an ecstasy of its own. The type of love that makes you reconsider your belief in God and the World. Does it exist?

I heard a song today. I couldn’t help but put it on replay and listen to it over 20 times in a row. In fact, it’s still playing. But this song, how do I explain it? I’ve got tears streaming down the side of my face.

I’m crying because I’ve had many loves in my life. But just one that had brought the feelings out that are described in this song. To be so in love that not only do you pray to that love but you find yourself and God in it…ishq mein khudha mil gaya…

This love I write about is way greater. It is the love that only very fortunate and limited amount of people get to have. It’s deeper than Romeo and Juliet and stronger than Heer and Ranjha (Google Heer-Ranjha for the love story).

This is the love which you can only dream of. It is the love that goes beyond any fairy tale and story you’ve ever heard of or read. But does it exist? Is it even possible to love someone so much?

My tears are not of self-pity of losing this love. But are in appreciation to a song that has made my heart jump out of my chest and allow me to think of that love once again.

Most people will hear this song and think that it’s a nice song; but that is all. They will not hear the depths of the singer’s voice and emotion behind each word. I know, after all it’s just a song. But it’s my song of the century. Sajda…tera Sajda…

For me; if you understand Hindi or Urdu: sit back, close your eyes and listen to this song just once and if you understand the depths of these words, you will surely feel what I am feeling today.

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