I want to give up

SMOKING!!!!!!!!! (Cigarettes, that is)

This is the one thing in my life that I resent time and time again. I wish I had never started it. I wish I had the will power to let it go. I'm trying! But this is one thing whether quitting is better than continuing doing it!


2 thoughts on “I want to give up”

  1. No, no, I’m going to have to disagree and talk you out of it. As a fellow female and fellow smoker, it’s my duty to inform you that smoking makes us look very very good, and is a necessary part of our social situations. Non-smokers are in danger of killing those around them from sheer boredom, due to their excessive dullness. Really – we’re just better people, and a lot more interesting than they are. If you look at my blog, you’ll see how I’ve benefited – I’ve slept with numerous celebrities, appeared on my own television specials, I was once the celebrity bachelorette on The Dating Game. Do you think I’d be so fortunate if I didn’t smoke?
    So let’s just abandon these thoughts of quitting; we’ll just pretend you never said it…

    ’60s luv from Roxy


    1. lol Roxy. You are hilarious and I love your blog. It’s fantastic. As for quitting smoking. Well, I still got to do it! Sorry! 🙂


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