Sleepless for so many reasons

Free Angel Tears Creative Commons

Knowing that he doesn’t love me that way anymore. Knowing I’m not his family anymore; his wife anymore. Knowing he only said “I love you too” last night by accident, out of habit and laughed it off as if it meant nothing. Knowing he might not ever feel that way again. Knowing I am no one to him anymore. Knowing that we’re “trying” to work “IT” out when it should just naturally be worked out. Knowing his heart doesn’t beat for me the way it did. Knowing that I love him more than he will ever love me. Knowing that I cannot live without him. Knowing that my life is meaningless without him. Knowing I made him the center of my world and I just stand in a small corner of his. Knowing my existence is based around him. Knowing I love him more than my mother, my father, my brothers or my sister. Knowing he will be the last love of my life. Knowing I gave him everything I have, everything I am.

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