Besides Roxy, there has been one other person comforting me and helping me through all this. She is the one person I never thought I would be talking to about all this. She was made out to be such a hard-ass to me by other people.

But over the past few days, Maria has made me realize that “what you see, is not what you get”. And although, I was in shock by the concern she showed towards me, I am also so grateful to have started to get to know her.

Who is Maria? She is one of my many bosses. She is a person who makes many people nervous. She is a role model for many women in the work place. Honestly, there aren’t enough words for me to explain how wonderful of a person she is.

Hard exterior but soft, comforting interior. She has been so nice to me over the past few days. She’s made room for me in her overly busy schedule; just so I could to talk to her and let my heart out. She’s made suggestions that I am and will consider when I am ready to take the next step forward. But not only that, she’s given me a shoulder to lean on, she’s even opened her home to me and offered to help me get through this.

Just because I see her every day or saw her every day over the last year or so, doesn’t mean I knew her. But the concern and care she has shown me over the last few days, has completely got me stumped. I guess the saying holds true; never judge a book by it’s cover.


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