The One Who Got Away


Yes, many have come and gone in my life. That is the circle of life. One leaves, a new appears. One door closes, another opens. But through the circle of life and the people coming and going; the one person I truly miss is myself. We adapt to who we are with. We change ourselves; the way we dress, the way we act, the person we are for others. And through it all, we forget who we are or were.

Like that, I’ve forgotten who I am and was and am now trying to find myself again. So, all in all…I was the one that got away. I miss me!

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6 thoughts on “The One Who Got Away”

  1. Yes!!!!!! Thank-you. Take back what he has taken from you, you are young and full of life and deserve to be happy. Although you may feel alone you have to learn to love yourself again before anything else. I’ve been reading your depressed posts shaking my head, we have all been to that low before, and now it’s time for you to take control! And that should be celebrated! Thank you!!!! and you GO SISTER!


    1. Aww Kara. You and Emily just put a smile on my face and brought tears to my eyes. Although, I knew I left myself get away, by honestly trying to get myself back, I thought I was being selfish. But both of you have proven me wrong.

      I think I’m finally on the right track. Of course, there will be a few more posts where you’ll shake your head at me but I promise I’m trying my hardest to work through this and just love me again!

      Thanks so much for keeping up with me through this! ❤ So happy to know I've got an army of supporters!


  2. I am proud of you! I have been reading your posts everyday, and everyday felt the same way that you were being so hard on yourself and focusing on how he was making you feel. When in the end all that matters is how you feel about yourself – So please keep that in your focus and make your world about you again!

    Keep your chin up and conquer everyday like today!


    1. Oh thank you so much Emily for your kind words and for keeping up with my posts. I almost thought besides Roxy it was only me checking my posts. lol. ❤ It's taken me a really long time to realize its not him or anyone else. Its all about me! It's how I make myself feel and how I think about myself. People matter but I matter first. And I think over the last 10 years or so, I forgot that. So, I'm trying really hard to get myself back. 🙂 I'm glad you see it.

      Thanks so much for writing. Glad to know someones out there! 🙂


    1. I think I’ve found my army of supporters! I’m feeling happy today. ❤ Thanks to all three of you! Lots of luv – Serene! ❤


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