My fear of Losing my Mother

Over 10 years ago my grandmother passed away. Hundreds of people attended her funeral as she was very kind to everyone she ever met. She took in homeless and helpless people. Someone was a daughter and the other a son or brother or sister. She helped people when no one else would. So, when she passed, a lot of people showed up.

But the one person I couldn’t help take my eyes off was my own mother. She cried helplessly. She was heartbroken. I knew she felt should wouldn’t be able to go on without her mother. And that day, 10 years ago, I realized that I would be the same. I realized that if anything were ever to happen to her, I would not be able to figure out how to live the next day.

My mother, not only is she the one who gave birth to me, but she is also my bestfriend. She is the one person that has loved me through it all; today, yesterday, ups and downs. She may not have always agreed with my decisions but she stood beside me all along.

And the realization that one day she will leave me scares the living hell out of me. It’s the worst fear in the world. I’ve lost loved ones in my past. But this is something I can only hope I’ll be able to cope with. The severity of my fear of losing her is that when she’s sick I’m worried sick. When she’s flying over seas, the whole time she’s on that plane I’m praying she’s safe. When I hear emotional songs, I cry thinking about her.

I don’t know how I’d cope or accept it.

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One thought on “My fear of Losing my Mother”

  1. I feel the same. The kindness of the mother is indeed immense. I have spent the greater part of my life praying for her and others wellbeing, and I sincerely hope these practices benefit in this life and all future lives. The practices of love and compassion and of wisdom are really the only means we have to ensure inner peace and happiness, especially when dealing with subjects like sickness, loss and death.


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