First rule of relationships: Communicate

If you cannot communicate what you’re feeling, thinking, hurt by, excited about then how will the other person know? If you keep everything bottled up inside or assume the person will just know then this relationship will be a train-wreck.

Everyone knows that honesty is the best policy. How you’re feeling. What you’re thinking. Conflicting emotions you have. You need to be honest about.

Respect is one of those things that every single human being is entitled to, whether in a relationship or out of it. All relationships are based and formed on the bases of respect. If two people cannot respect each other, they cannot be happy together.

No two people are a like. Yes, they may have similarities, they may like similar things but there are always differences. You need to learn to compromise on those differences. There’s always a meeting point, you just need to use Rule 1 and you’ll get to it.

Because you are a man, you are not higher or superior to the woman. Because you are a woman, you are not more vulnerable or in-touch with yourself then the man is. You are both human beings and each of you have equal rights in life and your relationship.


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