Heart Versus Head


My heart. If only my head was as stubborn as my heart I would probably be so much more successful in every aspect of my life.

Sadly though, the heart wins when the heart wants something.

Mind you, I can't really say my heart has always brought me bad luck. Many times, my heart knows what's right and wrong and it's brought me fortune my head probably wouldn't have thought of.

But I do wish I could use my head more than my heart. My heart is an extremist and gets me in a lot of trouble most of the time. Whereas my head is the mutual communicator. It knows what's right and wrong putting all emotions aside. It doesn't push for the illusion of the right but for the reality of it.

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2 thoughts on “Heart Versus Head”

  1. This reminds me of a similar post I had written a while ago. Head or Heart – always difficult to say isn’t it? Heart makes an emotional decision and Head makes a logical one. We would never go wrong if a decision is made using the head, and this is my thought. But they both go hand in hand.


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