Yesterday he broke my heart.

His words, this thoughts, his revelation tore me into pieces. I expected to hear it all eventually. But so soon. Everything had just started to set its pace. He took all of it and put a full stop to it and shattered my heart.

He broke my heart yesterday.

My eyes felt sore all day. I wanted to cry. My heart-felt heavy. My mind was full of nonsense. All I wanted to do yesterday was cry. But I could not make myself cry. I tried so hard. Nothing worked.

Today I realized why I did not cry. Today I understand why he is such a good man. He had respect for me and told me the truth. The truth is one of the hardest things to confess. He was a true man and didn’t want to hurt me any further. He built our relationship on trust and he honored me with that trust yesterday.

His heart belongs to someone else. His thoughts have someone else in them. His arms yearn for someone else. His lips crave someone else’s. But he didn’t let our relationship go so far that it would be unbearable for me to forgive or forget him.

Today, I respect him for breaking my heart yesterday. Today, I see him as so much more of a man than any other I have seen or met before. Today, I fell in love with him so much more.

I respect his decision to choose his past over me. I am not jealous. I am not angry. I am content. For this moment, for this very brief relationship, I can say, “It was better to have loved and lost, then to have never loved at all”.

So, although you broke my heart yesterday, I want you to know that today I respect you for it. Thank you.



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