Lets not let love get in the way

I don’t have the tolerance in me to hang from a thread.

You’re lovable so I loved you. You loved me back, I feel fortunate. But your heart lies somewhere else. That’s not your fault. Nor is it mine. So why torture each other and ruin what started out as a good friendship?

Let’s not let love get in the way and ruin the illusion of perfection you are to me or the thought that you think I am every thing you ever wanted or needed. Let’s end this battle of reality and jump back into friendship.

Everything recovers with time, so will our relationship. Let’s not get caught up in the moment and make matters worst.

You are a friend, I’d like to keep you dear to my heart. I don’t want to associate you with pain; you are my comfort and happiness. Let me keep you this way.

So what if love got in the way for a moment? We’re both strong, let’s get over it together and just be happy and comfortable again.

Can you do that for me? Its all I’m asking. Nothing else.

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