So much happens to us. Every day we experience something new. Every day there is a new fight, a new struggle, a new task, a new challenge. And every day we get over what was left behind or at least try to. But what we leave and what we take with us into today is completely our choice. We decide what is good for today and what isn’t. So, what did you take with you? And what did you leave behind?

The biggest mission for each individual moving into a new life, career or even relationship is to leave the baggage at the front door before entering! But there are too many of us who cannot do that. We cannot get over our past and just let it go. We sit and dwell over it. We are so wrapped up in this past that we oversee all the beauty, happiness and opportunities the universe is presenting to us right now.

My question is, WHY? What was so precious about the past that you cannot get over it? Why are you still holding on to it when it’s over? The other person has moved one. The employer has filled your position or restructured to eliminate the position all together. The house has already been resold and the new owners are celebrating it as their present. Then why are you still stuck on the past? Why is it so precious when all it’s done is just tortured you, caused you grief or broken you mentally and emotionally? What memory is so dear that you cannot see that you’re living in the illusion of something that WAS but never could be again?

When entering a new relationship, shut those doors behind you and NEVER look back. Look at what or who is standing in front of you, falling in love with you, passionately cherishing you. Enjoy the person in front of you who’s giving their heart unknowingly but fully.

How do you expect to get over the past when you cannot let go? How do you want to move forward when it’s you who’s still dwelling on what was? How do expect to let the present and future fill your life with all the things you want and need when you cannot let tell the past to just go away? Both of your hands are full grabbing, grasping, tugging and trying to pull the past towards you that you don’t see your present and future standing in front of you with its arms wide open, welcoming you in and telling you “I will make everything okay. I will give you everything you’ve ever wanted or needed. I will be the one that loves you and cherishes you, even through all your flaws and falls.”

Stop dwelling on the past. It’s not going to happen. There is no future in the past. There are no more chances. It’s OVER! Now you need to understand that and get over it. I’m not saying to forget it. I’m saying just open up yourself to all the other possibilities standing in front of you before it’s too late.


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