My Top 10 Happy Things….


Spumante Bambino Champagne
Because life is a celebration and without Champagne there’s no celebration!


Music & My Bed
That’s me time! Just laying back, escaping into the music and daydreaming.


My Jeep Liberty aka Bul
She’s stood by me through the thick and thin over the past 2 years. She’s been my security shield and my comfort place.


Lakeshore Blvd.
Sitting near the rocks or just in my car and watching the traffic on one side and on the other watching the waves hitting the rocks. The cold breeze, the flashy lights behind me and pure serenity in front of me. It’s the perfect place to escape to and just unwind.


I have to add him into my top 10. He’s not on top of the list yet, but he’s moving up pretty fast. He’s a friend and he’s so much more. He gives me the sense of happiness, reassurance and total bliss.


Haagen Daaz’ Vanilla Swiss Almond
It’s the guilty pleasure that I can live with anytime! Happy or sad, win me over with Van. Swiss Almond! 🙂


My Job
I know that’s corny but it does. I have some of my best successes and accomplishments with my job and knowing that puts a smile on my face.


Because money can buy almost everything! Money can give you little and big excitements when nothing else is going your way.


Bella & Jack
Bella, 2 yrs old and Jack, 2.5 yrs old. When I come home all stressed and out of it, there they’ll be; all snuggled up to each other and cute. Bella & Jack are my cats, my children.


Because without ME there would be no way! 🙂 I’m a bitch. I’m an extremist. I’m stubborn and sometimes mean. But I’m the best friend I could have. I’m the nicest, sweetest and caring daughter, sister, mother, lover, girlfriend, wife, employee I can be and that makes me happy!

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