Taking a Stand

Every day of my life!

I am an Indo-Canadian woman trying to make a life for myself without the help of any man. My cultural upbringing believes that woman can only succeed with a man supporting them. What an absolutely ancient way of thinking! But it’s true. Many people in India still think this way. They believe that without the support of her father, brothers, or husband a woman is incomplete. They believe that after a female grows up and gets to the age of maturity, she should be wedded off and her life begins at that point. They believe that woman should be soft-spoken, without opinions and desires. They think woman should be dominated and not have a mind of their own. They think that women are inferior to them.

I find that to be the most cynical way of thinking. Woman can do anything and EVERYTHING that a man can. Women are just as strong as men. Women are just as knowledgeable than men and I don’t mean just book smarts but rather street smarts. Women can do the things and put up with the type of things that no man could ever imagine. After all, to some degree, it is men who the ones putting women through this in the first place. So, how would they understand what a woman can or cannot do?

I know I sound like a complete feminist. I’m not. I don’t think women are better than men and vice-versa. I believe in equality. Each human being is equal. What a man can do, a woman can also do it. What a man can believe, a woman can also believe it. If a man can act, behave or treat someone a certain way, a woman can also do the same. If you (man) raise your hand at a woman, then the woman can raise her hand right back at you.

I know we should be givers and not just receivers. However, rationally and realistically thinking; everything in life is tit-for-tat!

So, I fight for my right as a human-being and not just as a woman. I fight every day and struggle hard to make sure that no man or human-being can make me feel inferior to them. Every day I stand up for myself the minute I get up in the morning and get out of bed, the minute I get dressed, walk out of my house, drive to work, do my job, pick up my groceries, cook, clean, LIVE; I stand up for myself.

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