Have you ever felt yourself not being bothered by all the stuff happening around you? Have you ever not been bothered by all the drama people are causing in your life or theirs? Have you ever lost someone or been hurt by someone so close to you but had no emotional reaction at all by it?

When nothing seems to bother you anymore. When nothing seems to effect your mood. When no one can hurt you anymore, you become heartless. That’s the point when you realize that you just don’t care anymore. Nothing anyone does or says effects how you’re feeling anymore.

I’m not sure if that’s necessarily a good or bad thing.

When you’ve seen the world. When life has thrown you every curve ball you could imagine. When every tragedy seems like its worst than the last. When heart-breaks after heart-breaks happen. When people you so trusted, loved and respected continue to be dishonest, loveless and disrespecting, you eventually come to a point where you’ve just had enough.

How long can you really dwell over all the bull-shit this world has offer? Life is too short to be effected by every single up and down the ride takes you on. The ups are so minimal and the downs so extreme. Can you seriously see yourself getting all worked up every time something went right or wrong?

Eventually, there comes a point when nothing at all bothers or excites you. That’s when people classify you as being heartless. Of course, there are many degrees of heartlessness. Everyone has there point or limit of heartlessness. But what if you reach the point where all limits and boundaries are removed and absolutely nothing in the world or no one can effect you? Then what? Are you considered heartless and soulless? What are you classified as at that point? Do you become invincible? Emotionally harmless?



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