The Word That Describes Me (Broken Down by 6 Qualities)

I know when to tell little white lies and I know when not to. Harmless lies don’t kill anyone. But in general the person or people I am true to, I am completely, utterly Honest with. I believe those relationships are the strongest when the two people involved in the relationship are 100% honest with each other on every aspect.

I am not a follower. I don’t go with the “trend.” I am who I am and I am proud of it. My sense of style, sense of being is original!

I am not a mother, yet. But I love and treat my loved ones as if I was their mother. Don’t worry, I don’t smother them with it. I just like to make sure the people I care for and love are well taken care of and have all the essentials they need and require.

Bold in the sense of strength and being fearless and daring. I speak my mind and am courageous.

Loyal to my friends, family, even the brand of shampoo I buy. Loyalty is an attitude of being devoted or attached to something we strongly believe in.

I love to the extreme. I hate to the extreme. I live life to the extreme. I am an extremist!

The word that best describes me: Humble

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