I can trust Myself with my secrets

I learned a long time ago to never trust anyone. No matter how close they are to you. No matter how honest they may be with you. No matter how sincere they may seem. Always keep your deepest, darkest truths to yourself.

When a friendship or relationship goes sour, believe me that truth will eventually come out. That person might be loyal to you for as long as you’re together. But eventually, when it ends, your truth will be exposed.

Sadly, I learned that the hard way.

Sure, I trust people every day with little bits and pieces of myself. I trust people with things that bother me about others. I even trust people with my life when I get in their cars. But my truths are all mine. Even if I tell you something that is precious or scary to my heart, I will never tell you the deepest or darkest.

It may suck for the other person not knowing “everything” about me. But somewhere along the lines and at the end of the day, I still need to look out for myself. That doesn’t go to say that if they figured it out on their own that I would deny it. I’m not into the lying thing either. Trust is a major factor in all of my relationships. But I just won’t expose it myself.


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