Pay It Forward

Recently, my friends at Mean Wives Club did a post on “paying it forward.” Their story inspired me to write about my own story and experience with trying to make this world a better place. (Thanks Ladies)

Lunch – Hour Coffee Run:

When I’m at Tim Horton’s trying to get into the drive thru lane, many people won’t let me in. But then they’ll be this one person out of the many who’ll let me squeeze into the line. Normally, what I’ll do is leave an extra $2 with the cashier and tell them to cover the cost of the person’s coffee behind me and tell them to tell that person that I said thanks for letting me in. Most of the time, I’ll be driving off and the person behind me will realize what I’ve done and will honk and wave thanks. Although that $2 didn’t make a huge difference in my bank account, it put a smile on their face and that puts a smile on my face. Lunch time coffee runs can be quite ridiculous here at Tim’s.

Coffee with a Friend:

Another recent incidence that occurred was over last weekend. I was sitting at Tim Horton’s with a friend and we were both working on our separate projects. I bought both of us a coffee and a 20-pack of Timbits. We sat there for a bit and ate most of them.

Then a family came and sat next to us. The mother and father seemed to be bickering at each other and the three children clearly wanted donuts. The mother handed the oldest son $1 and said, “that’s all I have, so go get whatever you can with that and share it with your brother and sister.” He did. But the youngest of the bunch got a very small piece and cried and complained that she wanted more. The mother asked the father for money but he said he didn’t have any either. So, the little girl just cried. I could tell the mother was embarrassed and getting frustrated.

I had about 5 Timbits left in my box and I asked my friend if he was okay with me sharing it with the kids and of course, he agreed that it would be a great idea. I didn’t want to embarrass the parents, so I leaned over and whispered into the mother’s ear and told her that I clearly should not be eating so many Timbits since I was trying to lose weight and wanted to know if her little ones would like to share them with me. She was so thankful and asked her little ones and they jumped at the opportunity. The mother thought I was offering them one each, but I handed her the box and said don’t worry about it.

Soon after that my friend and I left. But as we were walking out the mother looked over at me with those warm-motherly eyes and said thanks. That put tears in my eye and made me realize how fortunate I was for all the things I had in my life and for everything my parents have provided me.

I know those were just Timbits and a cup of coffee, but it made someone smile and the saying goes, “A smile can go a long way; it might even change someone’s day.”

Like my ladies at the Mean Wives Club said, “next time you see someone who may not be as well off as you, please don’t turn your nose up. Please don’t just sit and stare. Please, do something small for them. It could be something as simple as letting someone share your umbrella to get out of the rain for a few minutes, but you never know what that gesture will spark in other people, including your own kids”, I too am paying it forward and putting a smile on someone’s face. (read their full post here!)


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