A Few Great People I Am Thankful To Have In My Life Right Now

My Mom
We have different points of views. She’s difficult at times, as am I. But she’s the best friend I have. She supports me when I need it most and is always there to guide me back when I can’t find myself. She helps me when she can and hates going a day without seeing me.

We’re very different people. We sometimes disagree and go to sleep annoyed at each other. But every single morning is different and sweet all over again. He takes away the stress and craziness the rest of the world puts me through.

A Few Good Strangers
RR: I made a sister from across the border recently. She’s been a supporter and compassionate part of my life over the past little while.
LM: I found a friend in a colleague who I have never met before; who puts up with all my daily and weekly rants about how my life is in turmoil.
ML: I got to know an ex as a friend, who tries to be there for me although we went through hell together.

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