Little Angel

A little angel was lifted to the heavens early this morning. After suffering for weeks with pneumonia and infections, the Lord has put his little soul to rest. Our hearts are left broken. But we wish his little soul the Lord to keep. Let him be with his creator and finally be at peace.

He leaves behind a mother, father and older sister; who will miss him dearly. But the suffering has ended now. His memories will remain in their hearts forever.

Our hearts and thoughts are with his parents at this moment. We wish both parents strength to live through their loss and to move forward. We wish them love to hold and to cherish their little angel forever in their hearts and memories. We wish the Lord to keep and watch over his soul.

A small prayer for the little angel:

“Lord, source and destiny of our lives, in Your loving providence You gave us this little angel to grow in wisdom, age and grace. Bless the spirit of this loving child. There are not enough words of comfort or solace. The inconceivable has happened and cannot be undone.

Now you have called him to Yourself. A precious child has passed away; long before it was his time, long before his life was fully lived, explored or enjoyed. The loss fills me with confusion and devastates my spirit. Within me, I struggle to make sense of the senseless, to understand what cannot ever be understood.

A child has passed away leaving behind precious memories, an echo of laughter and remembrance of his smile. This child has no pain now, no worry or care; only rest until the essence of this magic child begins life again.

We celebrate the joy this small person has brought, remembering happiness and laughter shared together. We cherish each moment of this child’s young life. We grieve over the loss of one so young and struggle to understand Your purpose. Draw him to Yourself and give him full stature. May he stand with all the angels and saints who know Your love and praise Your saving will.In time, much of the pain will pass, leaving only gratitude, for the blessed gift of sharing this child’s journey. Bless the spirit of this loving child, now at rest. Ameen.”



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