Plinky: Mom Deserves More Credit

My Mom definitely deserves more credit then she gets. She takes care of the house, the family, the grand children and everyone’s needs and requirements. She truly is super-woman!

While my father has spent most of his life at work, my mother has spent her life at home taking care of children. She made sure we had arts and crafts in our lives, dance and music, education and entertainment. She made sure we understood and practiced our religion and culture; while still adapting to the new country’s cultures we were in. She made sure we had a friend in the form of a parent, who we could confide in and rely on. She made sure she could fulfill all of our hopes and dreams to the best our financial circumstances would allow.

And now as she has aged and it is our time to take care of her and make sure she doesn’t go a single day in despair; I think we take it for granted all that she has done. She was always there and remains ’till this day. But being children, we sometimes forget to give our parents as much credit as they deserve.

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