First Step to a New Beginning

I know I recently did a post about the New Year that is upon us and my new beginnings. But I just moved into my new apartment yesterday. I’m not completely set up yet and life still seems like a havoc. There are boxes, garbage bags, clothes and dishes all over the place. Even Jack and Bella haven’t been brought here yet. But my new life has begun.

I spent last night by myself. No boyfriend, no roommate, no cats, no one; just me, myself and I. At first it kind of sucked. I wished Dev had stayed. But finally as I was about to doze off, I looked around me and felt my heart smile. I feel at home now. My last apartment felt so empty, so cold and more like a dorm room or hotel. Although, I have a lot of work cut out for me to get this apartment all set up, it still feels like home.

It’s small and cosy. It stinks of varnish and paint but feels right. I don’t know how I’m going to set everything up or where what will go. All I know is this little one bedroom place is all mine. Well, mine and Bella and Jack’s (until of course the obvious happens but that’s a different post in itself). 🙂 I love it!

I’m hoping though, this new home brings with it even better opportunities and events as the old one did. The old one brought me a new laptop within days of moving in. I then got Bella. She is a blessing that I am so thankful for day after day. Then I got the Bull aka my Jeep. My Jeep opened up so many career opportunities for me. I got a great job at my current employer that I’m so thankful to have considering the economic situation nowadays. Then I got Jack, who is a darling. I won’t forget to mention all the people who came in my life after moving into that place, all the fun I had there or all the luck it brought with it. I lost love and then gained it from someone else. I moved away from my family but gained a few good friends, hopefully for life. That house was good for me.

Smiling Memories: so many cherished. But now I start anew.


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