Day 2 of the Daily Post Challenge

It’s only day 2 of the Daily Post Challenge that WordPress has introduced many of us bloggers to and already I find myself stuck and struggling to find a topic to write about. I could write about my New Year’s resolutions. But seriously isn’t that what more than half the world is talking and writing about? You’ll just find another post on ZiddiTamana talking about the all the same stuff everyone else is hoping to accomplish in 2011. Where’s the fun in that?

I could also write a little more about what’s going on with my love; except everything is pretty steady now and there is nothing going on with it. I mean, everything is the same. No new developments to report. Likewise, family drama is on the down-low as well. It’s weird how everything just calms right down all at once and then goes crazy all at once. If only we could deal with one obstacle at a time life would be a little easier to deal with.

Besides that the only hot topic I could discuss is my new home. I love it! Except the minute Dev leaves I’m all lonely and bored. Plus, the varnish and paint smell is still trying to kill me slowly. I’ve tried lighting incense and spraying air fresheners but nothing is really working. So, I keep waking up having an asthma attack and choking. I’ve left the windows open for most of the day to air out the place. However, with the minus 8 temperature outside it’s hard not to freeze to death in the process.

Well, that’s all folks. I can’t think of anything else that I can entertain you with. I’m heading off to bed. I might have to do some research over the next few days to find interesting enough topics to discuss. Plinky’s daily prompt doesn’t always inspire me enough to write. Maybe I’ll see what my friends are talking about on their blogs and find some inspiration there.

Until then, good reading and good night!


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