Plinky: My Stress Level

Care free

I wouldn’t say that I was stressed out. I would say that yes there are things that bother me daily and yes, there are things that worry me at times. But stressed out? No.

I’ve seen and been through so much in my life so far that things don’t stress me out too often. Of course, trying to figure out my Christmas theme for 2010 left me a little stressed and acting like a crazy person. However, I wouldn’t classify that as being stressed out.

I mean, I let myself get caught up in little things. Those little things matter so much more because they happen daily. Big problems don’t come all that often, thank goodness. But to make sure I still care, I let myself get caught up on the little things. It makes me remember that I haven’t turned completely cold and still have some ounce of care left in me.

When I was younger, I worried about everything. I would rip my hair out over stupid, silly things that I clearly had no control over. However, over the years I started to learn that there are just too many things that are out of our control; so there’s really no point in stressing over them.

When the cosmic wonders of this world are going to cause something to happen then there’s nothing in the world you can say or do to prevent it. So, what’s the point in stressing about it? Just stop giving a damn and enjoy the things that do go right!

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