Love Sucks

Yup, you got it. I’m sick of being in love. I’m sick of giving my heart to people who just don’t understand it. I’m sick of doing everything in the world for people and not getting even appreciation in return. I’m sick of them being so oblivious to the fact that I’m standing there with my heart and arms wide open and they’re just pushing me away without realizing it.

Love officially SUCKS!

Sometimes it makes you feel under-appreciated. Sometimes it makes you feel like you’ve got the world at your finger tips. Other times it makes you feel hopeless and stranded. Then the next second it makes you feel complete and cherished.

Each emotion is pushed to the extreme. There’s an adrenaline at times and then the ultimate low at other times.

It sucks to feel happy one minute and then upset the next. It sucks to miss someone when you know they aren’t too far away. It sucks thinking about them all day long and not knowing if they’ve thought about you at least once throughout the day. It sucks having them with you all day yet feeling like they’re thinking about someone else the whole time they’re with you. The thought of it rips through your heart and makes you feel as if you mean nothing. Then the very next minute they’ll look at you and smile as if they’ve just realized you mean something or a lot to them and then act like nothing happened the minute before.

The ups and downs of this LOVE torment and torture me. They put me in bliss and an ultimate natural-high. My emotions are running wild.

One minute my heart wants to drown in this ecstasy, the next it feels like its shattering. This LOVE officially SUCKS!

Just for the record: this is not only about a boyfriend. It’s about everyone; parents, friends, everyone alike!


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