New Topics To Discuss

I’ve gone through this phase of writing a couple of days in a row and then not writing at all for a few days.  It kind of sucks because I’d like to post daily but either can’t find the time or the topic when I finally have the time.  I’ve completely failed at the Post-A-Day Challenge by WordPress. Kind of, sort of, sucks!

The other day I wrote a post giving an explanation of why I hadn’t been writing and the conclusions I had come to about writing.  I asked you if I should just stick to writing about relationships or start thinking about world and other issues.  I received a couple of emails from some of my readers telling me to stick with relationships, where as a couple of them commented that I should write about both.

After much thought, I think I’m going to try to write about different things for the next little while.  What?  I have no clue.  Maybe what this blog was initially supposed to be about: Life!  Well, the struggle, stubborn, fight it is.  I wanted to raise awareness of people who have succeeded although they’ve had a rough ride.  I could also write about things I love.

Well, I’m going to post my first non-relationship post tomorrow.  Do leave a comment and tell me what you think of the topic I have chosen. 🙂

Good-night for now!


p.s. just so you all know…

Something wonderfully, amazing happened yesterday. Something I have waiting for was expressed to me yesterday. Because I have decided that I am not talking about relationships for the next little while, I can’t go into detail. But hopefully, I’ll let you all know what that breathtaking thing was sooner than later (that is, if you haven’t figured it out yet, yourself).

2 thoughts on “New Topics To Discuss”

  1. Oh, now that’s just not fair! You have wonderful news to share, but you’re just going to tease us with it! Haha, well, I’ll have to be patient, I suppose… 😉


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