Say No To Valentine’s Day

Happy February, Lovies!

How could I possibly stay away from relationship stuff?  Come on!  Who was I kidding?

Well to be honest, I’m not going to write much about relationships today either.  I’ll just give you all a quick update to my relationship status and then talk about February and how much I dislike it!

So, he finally said those magical words.  Did it change anything?  Umm, not really.  I thought it would’ve sparked a plug in me or something but it didn’t.  I think it’s because I knew he loved me before he said it.  I mean, he definitely gave me the attention, care and affection before saying it.  It was just nice to hear and gave me confirmation that we’re moving in the same direction, you know?

Okay, so February!  The month of love and lovers.  How commercially exploited is our generation?  Like really?  Do we  really need a day to celebrate our love?  Shouldn’t love be represented every day of every month of every year?  The commercialization of this holiday is just a way of exploiting innocent, foolish lovers that are already too far head-over-heels for each other that don’t realize that they don’t need a special day to celebrate their love.

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The Hallmark‘s and Carlton Card’s make a killing by selling silly “romantic” gifts and greeting cards.  The heart-shaped chocolate is supposed to represent what?  Florists get to make beautiful flower arrangements and mark up prices for the typical rose 100%-200%.

I mean, really?  Are we that foolish to fall for the retail industries scams?

Isn’t it enough to tell your loved one that you love them every day?  Isn’t it enough to do something nice for them just because you feel like you want to show them how you feel about them anytime?  Why sum it all up in one day and break our banks trying to impress that lover, husband, wife or sweetheart?  Why aren’t we showing them how we feel every day?

V-day is great to have if you continue to celebrate your love and relationship all the other days in the year too.  But to be prisoners of an over-commercialized holiday just to tell your sweetheart how you feel is a little ridiculous, if you ask me!

Maybe I’m just bitter because February also marks the day I was married.  Maybe I’m just bitter because I see so many people spend so much money on pointless things to impress their significant others on this one day and then the rest of the year beat them, treat them like crap and show no affection towards them all.  Maybe that’s just me.

Seriously, if D got me a bunch of roses for V-day, I’d probably blush and be all happy and giddy too.  But that’s because he just added to the already romantic and caring things he does for me every other day.  He doesn’t treat me like crap.  He doesn’t make me feel worthless and self-conscious the rest of the time.  So, yes, I would definitely be happy and appreciate the gesture.  But if he didn’t do anything extraordinary on V-day, it wouldn’t make a difference.

V-day should be every day not just on February 14th.  Get what I mean?

Treat your lover right.  Show them every day how great they make you feel and how much they mean to you.  Don’t get caught up in this commercialized mess of materialistic romance.  It’s not worth it!


10 thoughts on “Say No To Valentine’s Day”

  1. Unfortunately the commercialization is evident with almost every holiday, just the fact that stores begin stocking & preparing well before the previous holiday hits is crazy.

    I’m a bit older than you…I spent 8 years in a crappy, often abusive marriage. I recently celebrated 9 years of a marriage with a man who is my best friend. Whether it’s my age or the length of time I’ve been married I don’t know, but I do appreciate Valentine’s Day and all the romantic stuff associated with it. My husband & I say ‘I love you’ every day, we have snuggle time, we make time for dates…I suppose for me it’s a day for a little extra specialness 🙂


    1. First and foremost, Congratulations on 9 happy years. 🙂
      I appreciate your thoughts and opinions. I guess, after being married for so many years Valentine’s day might be needed. I just feel as though that extra specialness could be shown any time.
      Regardless, we all need to feel special. I just don’t appreciate the commercialization attached to it.


  2. a 100% agree 😀 … we can make it everyday as a Valentine’s Day not only for 1 day! .. Thank you for sharing your wonderful idea. May god bless you!


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