No More Shampoo: Trial

My hair’s falling out!  It’s thinning and losing its lusciousness and shine.  I’m constantly trying to find solutions and remedies online.  But nothing seems to work.

I’ve complained a lot about it to D lately and he suggested I stop using shampoo, conditioner even body lotion and face cream.  Now that’s going into the extreme.  But talking about shampoo and conditioner, I can consider that.  He has thick, black, shiny, health hair.  I’m so jealous!  But he doesn’t use shampoo or conditioner in his hair.  Just soap.

Soaps can be very harsh.  It seems to be working for him though.

Anyway, I started thinking about the no shampoo/conditioner route and decided to Google-up my curiosity.  Turns out that over the past few years, more and more women have stopped using the chemical based cleansers in their hair and turned to more natural solutions.

Many of the blogs, articles and comments from users that have either tried this or are doing it now all seem to point towards having the best hair of their lives since getting rid of their shampoo.

One of the blogs I was reading mentioned that the more we strip natural oils away, the more our body sees a demand in producing it.  In her post, Christi Colvin talks further about the chemicals and effects of shampoos.  You can read “The No Shampoo Alternative – No Poo” for more details.

I clearly have nothing “more” to lose.  I mean, my hair’s already falling out.

I’m going to start tomorrow.  I know many of you may think I’m nuts and that my hair is going to be super oily, dirty and will probably stink.  And it probably will for the first couple of days or at least until the oil glands in my scalp stop producing as much oil.  I’m just going to have to stick it out and hopefully I won’t be a total social-reject.  Lol!

No shampoo.  No conditioner.

The alternative: 2 tablespoons baking soda, mixed into warm water and applied to wet hair and then rinsed.  Once a week, apple cider vinegar to detangle hair.  Coconut oil once every 2 weeks for deep conditioning.
Wish me luck! I’ll keep you posted on the daily/weekly progress!


4 thoughts on “No More Shampoo: Trial”

  1. Old ladies in India, would suggest a Ayurvedic remedy the use of natural shikakai powder instead of shampoo. Might also suggest to apply coconut oily daily.
    There are many other smelly oils that are supposed to be good for hair, do not know the names of the oils though 🙂


    1. I’ve tried numerous Indian oils. Haven’t tried the shikakai powder. Don’t think I’ll find it here in Toronto. But thanks for the suggestion. I’ll ask my sister to send it from there.


  2. i use only natural shampoos and conditionars preferable something with either shae butter or hemp oil u might wanna try finding a natural hemp oil shampoo online


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