Maybe I’m Thinking Too Much

Have you ever felt loved and on top of the world without actually ever being told that you’re loved?  Have you ever felt like everything is so close to being perfect with one minor detail missing?

I felt so loved two weeks ago.  I felt as if I was being taken care of.  I felt as if I had all the happiness in the world.  But then it all changed.  He said those words  I had longed to hear.  He expressed exactly what I had needed confirmation on.  After that though, things have started to change.

I feel less loved now.  I feel less taken care of now.  I feel unhappy at times now.

Maybe he didn’t mean it.  Maybe he just said it that day to make me feel better.  Maybe he thinks that because he has said it, that it’s enough now.  That he doesn’t have to show it anymore.  That he doesn’t have to make me feel it anymore.

I’m not saying he’s completely changed.  He’s still very good to me.  But something has changed.  Maybe he’s just in his own world of thoughts.  Maybe he just needs time for himself right now.

I don’t know.  I don’t know why he’s different lately.  Maybe he’s fed up of my issues and emotional roller-coaster lately.

Maybe it’s not about me at all.

Too many maybe’s…


2 thoughts on “Maybe I’m Thinking Too Much”

  1. If I were to guess? I’d say that you’re guilty of something we ALL do sometimes… over-analyzing! I do it, you do it, everyone reading this does it–it’s human nature! I ask myself all the time: why can’t I just take the data I have at face value, and don’t read meanings into something that likely aren’t there at all. And then I say, “But it’s important to be in tune with what’s happening around me, and I’m only using my powers of perception and observation.” And do you know what conclusion I’ve reached?

    That I talk to myself WAY too much…


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