Tsunami Warnings: Our World Is Changing

Over the past few years, I have tried my hardest to keep away from watching news channels and reading newspapers. There is just too much devastation in them for my comfort. Whenever I am forced to watch the news due to being at a doctor’s office or at my parent’s house, I can’t seem to sit there and count how many tragedies that are being reported. I know it’s a little cold but that’s pretty much all the news is today. How many people died. How many people were injured. Someone got hit by a car. Someone got mugged. Someone got shot. So on, so on. The list of tragedies just goes on and on.

Now, this Earthquake in Japan. Then the Tsunami. Then the after effects of it all. Then the warnings across the Pacific. What’s next?

Our world is changing. Do we not notice it? If we have noticed it, what are we doing to fix or prevent it?

The 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami should have been a big warning for all of us across the planet. Was it? I don’t think so. The devastating Earthquake in Haiti should have been a warning for us. Was it? I doubt it. Dead baby dolphins washing up on the shorelines was a warning. Endless counts of dead whales and fishes that live at the bottom of the ocean washing up suddenly thousands of miles above sea-level was a warning.

Why haven’t we prepared ourselves for this? Why aren’t we in a constant state of emergency across the globe? What are we waiting for? What is going to be tragic and devastating enough to cause us to get off our asses and finally realize that our world is dying. This planet that we call home, Mother Earth, is at its peak of demolishing and all we are doing is reporting it on news channels, in newspapers, across social networking sites and on blogs.

Why aren’t we doing anything about it?

This world is known for its geniuses, for its mathematicians, for its scientists, for its ecologists. So, why aren’t we getting the very best together, locking them up in a room and asking them to help us find a solution to save our planet?

Speak up people! It’s now or never! 2012 may have been just a prediction that the Mayan’s calculated. But they are long gone now. We are here today. NOW! Let’s recalculate and change our game plan to fix what we’ve done and save our planet.


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