Is It Love – Campaign

What is it?
Why are we so reliant and dependent of it?
Why are we in constant search and yearning for it?
Why is it that we cannot take care of it when we finally find it?

I know love.  I have felt it for other people and have felt loved by other people.  But each love is so distinct and different in its own way.  Each love brings with it it’s own bundles of joy and happiness and it’s own bag of problems.

No love is ever perfect.  Perfection does not exist.  Or if it does, I have yet to find it.

I am in a relationship.  I have been in a few relationships.  I love the current person in this relationship and I have loved some of those of the past relationships.  However, sometimes love is taken for granted.  Sometimes love is under-appreciated.  Sometimes love is betrayed.  Sometimes even wrongfully treated.

I am having difficulty understanding whether my current relationships are full of love or not.  I am finding it difficult to understand whether the events that take place in my relationships are those of love or not.  So, I am starting a campaign for myself called: Is it love?

When good or bad things take place in my relationships, I am going to send myself an email with the description of the event and ask whether it’s love or not.  Eventually, every couple of days or weeks I’ll compile the emails into my soon to be launched campaign page.  Then you can help me decide whether it’s love or not.


2 thoughts on “Is It Love – Campaign”

  1. Isn’t love a pain? Symbolically Cupid is shown with an arrow. I believe he attacks his victims with love. There’s no real answer to why we fall in love and out of it. It is a painful thing. Why are so many poems, books, novels movies and songs have been created on love? Because it’s fictional. Can’t really catch it like a mirage. So, when we’re attacked by love – we either enjoy it or suffer it.


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