I’m Just Not In A Blogging Type Of Mood Lately

I barely get time to write anymore. Both my laptop and desktop have viruses on them and I just don’t get any time at work either. Plus, there are too many emotional battles I’m fighting right to even know where to begin writing.

1. D’s leaving for India on Sunday.
2. We’re having some weird issues that neither of us bother to talk about but both probably feel and know are there.
3. My mom’s having health problems that are worrying me.
4. Although, I just got a new job within my organization, I can’t help but feel I need a change.
5. I’m gaining or look like I’m gaining weight without doing anything to cause it.
6. I’m trying to quit smoking and those pills make me so sick and moody that I haven’t been taking them religiously. Thus, am smoking more again.
7. I’m losing my hair by the chunks and cannot find a doctor available to let me have it checked out.
8. He still hasn’t moved in with me and has just completely avoided the topic all together.

And the list just goes on from there. I just feel so lost in all my thoughts. I barely sleep at night. I just toss and turn all night long. With all of this, I just can’t find the motivation to type a half decent post on my blackberry. I just wish I could wake up one morning and start a new life. I don’t want to run away from my current life; I’d just like it to be a little smooth for a little while.

That’s all.


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