A Drink To Me

It’s probably not a time for me to gloat and nor am I intending to. However, I have to say that I think when it comes to relationships and being a good wife and/or girlfriend; I have exceeded the expectancy.

The fact that I am an overly emotional person is a no-brainer. I put feelings first and wear my heart on my sleeve. I am an extremist when it comes to the people I love and the things I value. So, when the man I love so dearly is down and feeling lost, I go into full force to make sure he is well taken care of, can appreciate the little moments and is at least smiling partially throughout the day.

Yes, I’m talking about D. But I won’t go into details of his problems or the obstacles, as its something I promised I would never do. I don’t put people’s personal lives on my blog and so I’m not going to do it now either.

But tonight as the long weekend begins, I’m going to have a drink for me. I’m going to appreciate me for the main fact that I am and have become that person I had so hoped I’d be one day; a loving, supporting companion and girlfriend.

I’m not gloating, just taking a moment ti appreciate me. 🙂 So, this weekend if you’re having a drink, have one for me!



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