Naach Radio – I Am So In Love

With my work days becoming longer and busier and my work-out sessions with D tiring me out, I’ve indulged in some amazing music lately. I came across a South Asian, internet-based radio station called Naach Radio. I spend almost all day at work and home listening!

How could I not share my new treat with all of you?

So, I go to site as soon as I get into work every morning and am set for my day! The beats and music are amazing. The songs rarely are ever repeated and there’s pretty much no talking. So, its non-stop music all day.

So far, this morning’s playlist has ranged from Rihanna, Bally Sagoo, Kanye West, Drake, Eminem, Miss. Pooja, Lil’Wayne, Lehmber Hussainpuri, RDB (@rdbtv) and the list just goes on…

Follow them on Twitter: @NaachRadio

Check it out:




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