Text, Tweets, iCloud: iOS 5 a World of New Features

Early January I purchased the Blackberry Torch as a belated birthday present for myself. After several months of using it, I’ve made the decision to sell it on Craig’s List. Don’t get me wrong, the Torch is a sleek, sexy and user-friendly phone. However, the apps aren’t all that great. Actually, many apps either don’t exist or aren’t supported. The overall functionality of the phone is good.

D and a couple of friends got the iPhone 4 and after playing around with it, I’m hooked. I’ve fallen so in love with it and the fact that apple just announced information about iOS 5 makes me even more anxious towards getting an iPhone.

The release talks about over 200 new features and upgrades. First and foremost, they’re releasing a BBM (Blackberry messenger) for iPhones. Yay! One of my biggest reasons for being a Blackberry junky has been BBM and the convenience to chat with friends without enduring service charges by my provider.

Next big thing on the list is the social news feed. That was another awesome feature RIM released with the Blackberry Torch. I mean, come on! One place to view all your RSS feeds, tweets and Facebook updates, how awesome is that? Not only is it convenient but also a time saver. iOS 5 will have something similar to the social news feed by RIM. Woo-hoo!

Of course, who could forget about iCloud? iCloud is a free service with iOS 5. It’s integrated into all your apps, so you can get access to your music, photos, documents, contacts and apps on all of your devices.

As for release dates for iOS 5 they’re saying it will not be available to users until the fall. Upon release, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 2, iPad or the iPod touch users will be able to download it for free.

Click HERE to read up on all the great new features or view the video below for more information:


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