Its Been Busy Here

I’ve been so busy lately with family and work; which has prevented me from writing. It seems like everything is happening all at once.

First it was all the issues with D’s vacation and helping him cope with the situation and depression. Which hasn’t been rectified yet but we’re dealing with it. When that seemed to settle lack of finances came to light. I’ve mostly sorted that out. But now my mom’s going to India and I’ve been kept very busy helping her and running errands with and for her.

The re-launch of a website at work has kept me busy and on my toes. Sadly though, its been delayed until further notice; which truly sucks for all the people who have worked so hard on making this project a reality. It doesn’t effect me directly but it does to some extent. My workload has been shifted and so my focus has turned towards another time-pressing project. Just when I thought I was starting to get accustomed to one project I get thrown onto another. I guess, that’s the work-life of a product coordinator, huh?

To add to it, some health concerns have arose and so my attention is diverted towards them. I thought last year I had overcome PCOS but it seems that isn’t so. My hair is falling out drastically and every day I find another chunk in the drain after my shower. My mornings have turned into torture and its breaking my heart that I’m only in my late twenties and I’m already losing so much hair.

My doctor prescribed a water pill and told me I could boost the results by using Rogaine. However, Rogaine is so expensive and I just can’t afford it right now. So, I’m using Nutricap which is a hair supplement and has a the shampoo with it. I haven’t seen any results yet but reading many websites on PCOS, most people advise that results won’t be noticeable for at least a few months. I’m being patient but I’m also getting more tests done to make sure the sudden hair-loss isn’t triggered by a more serious medical condition.

Besides that things are as they should be, I guess. I feel like I need a vacation away from everyone and everything. To be honest, there’s a friend I have yet to meet. He’s very close to me and we confide in each other as much as possible. Sadly though, I have never met him and so I find it so weird that I could be so close to someone without ever physically meeting them. I guess, there are some people we are just meant to be close to and maybe not meet.

He’s a good friend. Besides D and my mom, he’s become a huge support system for me. Gees, I don’t know what I would sometimes do without him. 🙂 You know those people that just with the thought of them, you smile and you get this warm feeling; he’s one of those for me. I only hope I’m the same for him.

I just wish he was nearby. So many days go by when I wish he was here. I’ve never been one to keep girlfriends, so my closest friends have almost always been guys. Meh, I’m a tom-boy, you know a guys type of girl. Lol. So, having a friend who has become so close and not having him here to hang out with, drink beers with, vent to, fight and joke around with kind of sucks.

Maybe we’ll meet one day. Maybe one day I’ll get to sit and laugh with him. Maybe one day I’ll repay him back for all the support and compassion he has given me. Meh, who knows? Maybe that vacation I need, I should just go see him! 😦

Well, that’s about all for now. Days are up and some are down. I’m struggling through it but I count my blessings too. You know my saying, “shit happens and then we get over it”, that’s pretty much how I’ll sum up everything that’s been going on.


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